(31) 23rd August Creative Textiles


Fridays 2- 4pm

A weekly opportunity to learn the rules of hand sewing and textile art and then joyfully break them to create a sample book of your own individual work in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Each week your tutor will introduce a method or technique in embroidery, hand sewing, beadwork or other textile skill, and you will create a new page for your own personal sampler book.  Over the weeks, you will create a beautiful demonstration of what you have learned and explore your own style and tastes. Sampler books have been around for as long as people have been sewing and every single one is a testament to its maker’s unique imagination and way of seeing the world. Giving yourself time out of everyday life to sit with lovely people, drink a cup of tea and create something beautiful is what life is all about!

Phil Kincaid is a prolific artist and the founder of Mining Exchange Studios in Redruth town centre. Phil has a long history of teaching and supporting people in many sectors, is a classical violinist and his background in theatre has given him a love for flamboyant decoration and phenomenal skills in creating pretty much anything out of textiles.  The chance to work alongside him to nourish your own creative drive is too good to be missed!

Sessions can be booked individually or in blocks to fit in around your availability – there’s no requirement for long term commitment although once you’ve been you will definitely want to return!

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