Redruth Soup Night (7pm Saturday June 1st)


Come along and enjoy some Grow Box soup and Berryman’s bread, and help choose who’ll come away from the evening with a chunk of cash!

The entrance fee you pay on the door goes into a big pot of money which we will award to a member of our community who needs something, would like to give to someone else, or wants to bring something lovely to the town.

Three people will pitch their ideas and there will be a secret vote for the lucky person who will walk away with the money. A relaxed and fun community social evening where we get to help someone out with a bit of cash!

More info on what happens at the event and how to pitch for the money below!



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What happens on Soup Night?

1) Everyone who would like to attend, including the pitchers, has to book in online here (you won’t be asked to pay anything)
2) When you turn up on the evening you’ll be asked to pop a tenner (or more if you’re feeling flush!) into the jar at the door
3) You’ll then collect your soup and roll and find a seat. A small paying bar will be available ( with tea and coffee too), and the proceeds from this goes towards the cost of hosting the event.
4) Later we hear  from people in the community who will pitch for  the door money – we’ll find out a little about them, what they are aiming to do with the cash and who will benefit from it.
5) Then we hold a secret ballot to vote for the person or cause we would like to give the money and at the end of the evening the winner will be taking it all home with them!

Who can pitch for the cash?

Anyone and everyone is eligible to pitch for the money! If we have a full house on the night the winning pitcher will receive about £250.00 on the spot, but there are no guarantees of course.

There are no rules about what you can ask for, but as the decision will go to a vote, it’s likely that people will favour pitches for things that benefit the town in some way or help someone who really needs something.

If you would like to pitch for the money yourself or on behalf of someone, just else fill in the form below and click submit.

There is only time for three pitches on the night, so everyone who applies below will be put into a hat and the pitchers randomly drawn out. If you are chosen we will let you know as soon as we can so you can prepare your pitch! The deadline for applying to pitch is Friday 29th March at 12pm

Don’t forget to book your space as well – even people who are pitching must add their tenner to the communal pot! If you can’t find the booking link on your phone – scroll back up the page and look for the turquoise button!