Have you ever fancied giving painting a go but didn’t know where to start? Or maybe you’d like to try lino printing or clay or just to build enough confidence to start drawing? Perhaps you used to enjoy art and making things, but now you are too busy and there’s no space at home to get messy, or you just can’t think what to do and you need someone to get you started and encourage you? If any of that applies to you then you’ve come to the right place!

Scribblegroups are weekly ‘art play’ sessions where participants can let their hair down and try their hand at a huge variety of media and projects in a relaxed, pressure-free environment.

How are Scribblegroups different from other art lessons?

We are very lucky in Cornwall to have a rich supply of skilled artists offering world class art lessons in all possible mediums. What we are offering with Scribblegroups, however, is something a little different.

While we learn all the time in our sessions, there is very little formal teaching. We learn largely through experimentation and play, with a little guidance if required. One of the main goals of Scribblegroups is to inspire your personal creativity and give you the time and space to find your own style without any pressure or expectations.

More than that though, we’re here to enjoy some time away from everyday life making a mess and playing with different materials as part of a safe, supportive community, plus plenty of tea and laughs.

What to Expect at a Scribblegroup

Our two-hour sessions start with an introduction to the idea of the day – perhaps lino cut stamps or oil pastel houses – or anything really. Then we look at examples that other artists have produced and how the materials or tools we’ll be using work. After that we play and Tina makes everyone a cup of tea or coffee. Sometimes when they get going, people take the idea off on a total tangent or do something else altogether and that’s great! The idea is only a starting point – the purpose of the session is creative play, not following rules.

We explore all kinds of mediums and over the last year or so have done: drawing in pencil, charcoal and inks, painting in acrylics, watercolour and gouache, watercolour pencils, scratchboard, clay, lino printing, monoprinting, papier mache, plaster of paris, collage and more.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch